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Vanessa Gilliard’s Gives Her Team a Special Thank You – Presented by Honey’s Flowers

VYPE: What were your personal goals for this season?

Vanessa: My personal goal for this year was to become more involved with my team and to take on more of a leadership aspect. The team really came together and played well, even though we didn’t get the result we wanted (playoffs), I think the growth we showed throughout the season was more anyone could’ve asked for. 

VYPE: What is the most fun you have had in the last year? 

Vanessa: I think the most fun I’ve had this season was going on little target runs between tournament games with coach Abby.

VYPE: Who is your favorite teacher from any grade and why?

Vanessa: My favorite teacher is my high school art teacher, Mrs. Giovannetti. I really enjoy her class because she sees you as more than just a student and genuinely cares about each and every one of her students.

VYPE: What is your favorite athletic memory?

Vanessa: As a defender, I do not get very many opportunities to get pulled up into the box. So, my favorite memory is probably scoring from a corner kick freshman year.

VYPE: What teammate has left the biggest impression on you and why? 

Vanessa: Sawyer Kirkland has left the biggest impression on me because of her positive energy that makes the hardest practices/games fun no matter what. Her kindness has made a lasting impression on this team.

VYPE: Who on your team has the best impression of your coach and who says the funniest things during games? 

Vanessa: Coach Kuntz’s voice is too sacred to be mocked lol, but sometimes Sawyer will yell some questionable things from the goal if she thinks I’m not working hard enough.

VYPE: You can pick any place for a summer vacation, where do you go and who do you take with you? 

Vanessa: I would probably take my cat, Murphy, to Hawaii so he can get a good tan. 

VYPE: If we gave you 500 dollars and you had to spend it in the next 24 hours, how would you spend it?

Vanessa: I would use the 500 dollars to spend it on new jerseys for our team that were designed by the players.

VYPE: Here is your chance to say hello, goodbye or thank you to anyone you wish. 

Vanessa: I want to say thank you to coach Kuntz, coach Abby, and coach Jamie for believing in me and developing me into the player I am today. I also want to say goodbye to our seniors, it’s hard to believe that our time on the field has come to an end, but I know that you guys will continue to do great things on and off the field. Also, shoutout to Gaby Tarcetti for being the best practice buddy ever.

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