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Bartlesville Athletic Director Thad Dilbeck Q&A – Presented by Skyway Honda

Bartlesville Athletic Director Thad Dilbeck paused before the start of a new school year to answer a few questions from VYPE Magazine editor Brad Heath about the upcoming year and the student-athletes at BHS can expect this year. 

VYPE: Where did you get your coaching start and where are you from originally? 

Dilbeck: I began coaching as a graduate assistant football coach at NWOSU. I graduated from Pawhuska High School and Northwestern Oklahoma State University.

VYPE: It’s been an unusual time dealing with a pandemic. How do you feel your coaches and staff responded to the challenges COVID brought us and how ready is everyone to get back to a normal routine? 

Dilbeck: Our response to the pandemic was developed by gathering as much information as possible and then making decisions/plans focused on student safety. Bartlesville coaches followed all newly developed guidelines and were able to make the best of a difficult situation. Certainly, we are all ready for things to return to normal.

VYPE: What is the message to the student-athletes under your guidance and leadership? 

Dilbeck: High school goes by quickly. Make the most of the opportunities that high school has to offer. We want young people to learn life lessons through activities, teamwork, hard work, dedication, accountability, and competitiveness. Also have fun.

VYPE: Do you have a coaching/teaching mentor? Someone you have looked up to or call on for advice? Maybe it’s someone who has influenced you in the past.

Dilbeck: Lee Brower, my college football coach and the man that gave me my first chance to coach.  

VYPE: Let me throw a few questions at you so our audience can get a better idea as to who Mr. Dilbeck is away from school. If you’re going to eat out for lunch or dinner, where do you go? 

Dilbeck: Frank & Lola’s, Bartlesville’s best. 

VYPE: Do you have any hobbies? 

Dilbeck: I like to play golf and spend time with family and friends.

VYPE: Do you have a favorite sports team, college or pro? 

Dilbeck: NWOSU Rangers and the OU Sooners.

VYPE: Favorite sports movie of all-time? 

Dilbeck: Rudy. 

VYPE: What was the first concert you ever attended? 

Dilbeck: The Gap Band. 

VYPE: Have you ever traveled outside the United States? If so, to where? 

Dilbeck: Yes, Mexico. 

VYPE: Finally coach, tell me what you have come to love most about Bartlesville, your athletes and where is the future of the program headed?

Dilbeck: Bartlesville public schools are second to none. The school district is supported greatly by our community. We have high standards, and we expect to provide the best school experience for all our students. We strive to be the best in all we do. We want to attract the best teachers and coaches and develop a working atmosphere that allows them to flourish. We want all of our programs to provide each student with the best opportunities to succeed. 

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