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Q&A with Bartlesville’s Kiley Espe – Presented by Rib Crib

VYPE: What goals do you have for this year?
Kiley: My goals this year is to maintain my 4.0 GPA and get accepted into college on a cheer and academic scholarship. For competition and school cheer I want my teams to win all of our competitions!

VYPE: What has your sport taught you that you use in your daily life?
Kiley: My sport has taught me that no matter what, never give up and always put in my 100%.

VYPE: Who is your favorite teacher from any grade and why?
Kiley: My favorite teacher I have had is Lisa Meyer. She is my cosmetology teacher and she has always been there for me whenever I needed it. She gives us many opportunities and is my biggest supporter at school.

VYPE: Who inspires you and why?
Kiley: My mom inspires me because she has always been hard working. She has taught me to never give up, pursue my dreams, and give it my all in everything I do.

VYPE: What teammate has left the biggest impression on you and why?
Kiley: Chloe Villarruel has left the biggest impact on me. She has always been my biggest supporter through everything!

VYPE: What is your favorite part about being on a team?
Kiley: My favorite part about being on a team is the friendships that I have made with all of the other athletes. I also love being able to bond with my teammates.

VYPE: Who in your family is the best athlete? Explain.
Kiley: In High school my dad played Varsity football, basketball, and track. He was also in all conference track and basketball.

VYPE: What’s one sport you wish you could play that you don’t already play?
Kiley: I wish I could play tennis because I have always loved to play with my mom when we have free time on the weekend.

VYPE: What profession would you like to work in?
Kiley: I would like to work in the medical field.

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